Plastering Business

How to hire Skilled labour for Plastering Business

A bad plastering job can be disastrous for the walls. Either it will go solid after the first couple of coats or the plaster will start peeling off after some time. Plastering is such an intricate job that it is not only the skill sets of the plasterer that is important, the quality of tools used for the job and the materials bought play an important role too. Only if everything gels together well will a plastering job be taken to be well done.

If you have a plastering business and you are looking for skilled labour, you have to be very careful while hiring. The reputation of your company will ride on the skill sets of the plasterers you hire.

Here are a few tips to ensure that the skilled labour you take on board is one of the finest that you can possibly get.

  • Go through reputed labour hiring agencies – This is one of your best options for getting skilled labour for your plastering business. It works like this. Suppose as a company offering plastering services in Melbourne you need skilled plasterers. You inform a labour hire agency in Melbourne of your requirements. These agencies have a database which has particulars of job seekers from every field, trade and profession. The name of a plasterer whose skill sets matches your requirements will be extracted from their database and the person will be informed by the agency. All that you have to do is to take a final interview and check the credentials of the plasterer.
  • Experience – There is nothing to beat experience when it comes to tradesmen like plasterers, carpenters or plumbers for example. It is the practical work done by them and their ability to solve problems that arise while on their job that sets them apart from those who have gone through basic and refresher courses in their profession only. Hiring an experienced plasterer with years of experience is an assurance about the quality of output that you can expect.
  • Reputation – This can be checked in a number of ways. If the plasterer is already working for a reputed plastering company and wants to switch jobs for better career opportunities you have to check the reputation of the company. Browse their websites and read customer testimonials of their previous work. If it is good you can be sure that their plasterers too are of the highest standards.

If the plasterer works as an individual entity, he will definitely have a website where he can be contacted and his previous works inspected. You can be sure that if he is not a highly skilled plasterer he will not be found on the Internet.

  • Licence – The skilled plasterer that you hire should be registered and insured and have a valid licence to practice his trade in the State that you are based in. The licence should be issued by statutory authorities and vetted by the Home Building Act or similar institutions. Do not be hesitant to ask for the licence, it will also give you an idea of the number of years he has been on the job.
  • Do not hire a “handyman” – Sometimes you might receive requests from customers to have some plastering issues fixed instead of a full scale plastering job. This can be taken care of by a handyman with some knowledge of the trade. The rates per hour will be cheaper than that of a skilled labour. But having such a person on your rolls might result in sub-par work, thereby damaging your reputation. If you need to hire a skilled plasterer, do so without a thought for cheaper substitutes.

These are some of the things to keep in mind when hiring skilled labour for your plastering business.