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Hobbies into profession

Hobbies which you can turn into your profession

Do you have a hobby that you are really passionate about? Have you ever felt happy and at peace with a part-time activity that you wish could become a full time one and additionally earn a livelihood from it? If your answer to any of these is an equivocal YES, you are probably halfway through to turning your hobby into a profession. The advantage here is that you are already so involved in your hobby as an amateur that making the transition will not be difficult at all.

However, before taking the plunge, there are a few things that you have to list out. If your hobby involves having sophisticated equipment or a lot of inventory of raw materials, you will have to make financial provision for it. After all, there will be a quantum jump in scale of output when you ultimately make the transition from a hobby to a profession.

Here are a few hobbies that are comparatively easy to turn into a career.

Personal Trainer

Remember the times that you worked really hard to shed all that extra flab from your body through vigorous workouts? The joy and excitement you got from seeing a new fit and trim you in the mirror? Now with a little work and effort you can transform that feeling into a full time career.

There is a great demand for personal trainers with the median salary being in the range of $55,000 to $60,000. However, to be one you have to do some groundwork. Take an accredited course for personal trainers from a certified agency. These programmes are usually spread out over several months and impart in-depth knowledge of every aspect of fitness training. Once you have got the necessary statutory authorisations you can get work at a medical fitness facility, a health and fitness club or even start your own business.

You can even contact a labour employment agency to look for vacancies for a personal trainer. If you are a resident of Melbourne, Australia your best bet would be get in touch with First Personnel, one of the leading agencies based in the city.


In this case, you will have to invest in high end equipment as the quality of your work has to be much higher than what you churned out at the hobby level. You might even have to invest in setting up a studio though turning a room in your house into one will do in the initial stages.

You will have to choose an area of specialisation and your earnings will depend on that. Taking family and children’s photographs at a retail store or a shopping mall while attached to a studio should fetch you about $10 an hour. A good wedding photographer earns in the region of $100,000 per year but you have to have a good network of referrals to succeed. Corporate photography is also a very lucrative option.

Arts and Crafts

If you find that the handbags and T-shirts you make at home have a great demand with friends and their friends, there is always a chance that you can make a good profession out of it. You can sell on one or more of ecommerce platforms or have tie-ups with specialised crafts stores. Hire a quality photographer to showcase your products and develop sharp marketing and customer service skills.

These are just a few tips for you. Most hobbies can be turned into a well paying career option.