Business Productivity

5 Powerful Ways to Increase Business Productivity

When you cannot extend the number of hours in a day, the next best thing is to make the most of the number of hours you have at your workplace. There are two options before you if you are flooded with work every day. Either you can extend the number of hours at office or you can work smarter, increase output and productivity and finish the tasks at hand.

Here are 5 ways to increase business productivity that you can definitely try out–

  • Time Management – This is very crucial as wasting too much time on things that do not form a part of your core activities will hamper your output. Track time that you spend on answering emails, social media and other daily tasks. Estimate how much time you spend on each and try and reduce those that do not add value to your productivity. For example if you feel that you are struggling with the legal aspects of your business due to lack of skill sets, hire commercial lawyer in Melbourne if your business is in the State of Victoria to take care of the problems while you focus on other critical areas of your business.
  • Set deadlines – You might think that setting self-imposed deadlines for completing specific tasks will only add to stress levels. But in reality, a certain amount of stress can get the adrenalin flowing and help you to focus better and meet your goals. Try this out even for open-ended projects and you will find that you are more productive and focussed when you have one eye on the clock. Additionally, it will also give you a sense of satisfaction when you win against the clock and will spur you on to complete the next task similarly.
  • Avoid Meetings – It is not that everybody called for a meeting has something to contribute. It is rather a waste of time if you can have the same agenda discussed over emails, phone or even web based ones. Just moving to the conference room and coming back and settling down eats into time that can be more fruitfully used otherwise.
  • Stop multitasking – The common concept that multi tasking is actually a sign of high skill sets and job knowledge is not true. In fact multi tasking does not allow you to focus on one task at hand, thereby reducing productivity levels. Consider this scenario – you are simultaneously trying to get through to a Melbourne property conveyancing lawyer to finalise a property deal while trying to finalise a contract with one of your vendors. You are not saving time while doing so, you are simply not giving your best to any of the tasks. Take up one activity at a time and try and close it optimally.
  • Minimise interruptions – This might not be possible always. How can you stop a colleague from dropping by and enquiring about your health? While it may look innocuous, even a brief interruption can hamper your concentration and affect work quality. For truly critical work, have the door firmly shut or better still work from home.

Try out these 5 powerful options and you will surely see a rise in your business productivity.