Plastering Business

How to hire Skilled labour for Plastering Business

A bad plastering job can be disastrous for the walls. Either it will go solid after the first couple of coats or the plaster will start peeling off after some time. Plastering is such an intricate job that it is not only the skill sets of the plasterer that is important, the quality of tools used for the job and the materials bought play an important role too. Only if everything gels together well will a plastering job be taken to be well done.

If you have a plastering business and you are looking for skilled labour, you have to be very careful while hiring. The reputation of your company will ride on the skill sets of the plasterers you hire.

Here are a few tips to ensure that the skilled labour you take on board is one of the finest that you can possibly get.

  • Go through reputed labour hiring agencies – This is one of your best options for getting skilled labour for your plastering business. It works like this. Suppose as a company offering plastering services in Melbourne you need skilled plasterers. You inform a labour hire agency in Melbourne of your requirements. These agencies have a database which has particulars of job seekers from every field, trade and profession. The name of a plasterer whose skill sets matches your requirements will be extracted from their database and the person will be informed by the agency. All that you have to do is to take a final interview and check the credentials of the plasterer.
  • Experience – There is nothing to beat experience when it comes to tradesmen like plasterers, carpenters or plumbers for example. It is the practical work done by them and their ability to solve problems that arise while on their job that sets them apart from those who have gone through basic and refresher courses in their profession only. Hiring an experienced plasterer with years of experience is an assurance about the quality of output that you can expect.
  • Reputation – This can be checked in a number of ways. If the plasterer is already working for a reputed plastering company and wants to switch jobs for better career opportunities you have to check the reputation of the company. Browse their websites and read customer testimonials of their previous work. If it is good you can be sure that their plasterers too are of the highest standards.

If the plasterer works as an individual entity, he will definitely have a website where he can be contacted and his previous works inspected. You can be sure that if he is not a highly skilled plasterer he will not be found on the Internet.

  • Licence – The skilled plasterer that you hire should be registered and insured and have a valid licence to practice his trade in the State that you are based in. The licence should be issued by statutory authorities and vetted by the Home Building Act or similar institutions. Do not be hesitant to ask for the licence, it will also give you an idea of the number of years he has been on the job.
  • Do not hire a “handyman” – Sometimes you might receive requests from customers to have some plastering issues fixed instead of a full scale plastering job. This can be taken care of by a handyman with some knowledge of the trade. The rates per hour will be cheaper than that of a skilled labour. But having such a person on your rolls might result in sub-par work, thereby damaging your reputation. If you need to hire a skilled plasterer, do so without a thought for cheaper substitutes.

These are some of the things to keep in mind when hiring skilled labour for your plastering business.

Online Marketing Beauty Business

Online Marketing Tips to Attract Customers to your Beauty Business

The millennials have proven to be a marketing challenge for many industries, but still, the beauty industry is booming. Millennials love for digital media and their strong desire to look their best in the selfies combine to fuel a bona fide beauty boom. The beauty businesses, especially the ones offering high-end beauty products and aesthetic procedures, have been growing steadily. Although digital media plays a crucial role in increasing the desire to look great, but when it comes to beauty products and processes, women of all ages prefer brick and mortar options. That is great news for salons, beauty retailers and cosmetic procedure providers across Australia. Women still want to get beautiful the old-fashioned way, in person, feeling pampered and interacting with real people.

That being said, but how will you ensure that women in Melbourne find your business and visit you for the procedures? Online marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach the customers. Here are few tips to help you out.

  • Build a website

The first step to online marketing your beauty business is to have a website. Creating a website for your business doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time, but it will help attract a lot of new customers. People when looking to buy beauty products, services or treatments, first search online for beauty salons and clinic or read reviews of the local spas. The website you create should include the list of procedures you offer, hours of operation, phone number, address and a photo of your location. Depending on how sophisticated website you need, you can add features such as coupons or discount codes, ability for customers to schedule an appointment for treatments, articles and blog post about the benefits of the procedures you offer, for example, benefits of hair removal on IPL machine, videos and links to your company’s social media accounts.

However, merely having a website is not enough, it should also be mobile optimised as consumers increasingly search for services and treatments on their smartphones or other mobile devices.

  • List your business in local online directories

Getting your beauty business listed in as many places as possible online is key to successfully attracting new customers. Local search directories, featuring local businesses should be an important part of your online marketing strategy. You can get your business listed by registering on Google My Business, Yelp, Bing Local and CitySearch. Visit each site to claim your listing and ensure that the information about your business is accurate and matches with what is on your website. Then optimise the listings with photos, maps, directions, treatment details, coupons or special offers. Monitor the listings on a regular basis to keep them updated.

  • Leverage social media

Social media is the best platform out there to highlight your key features. You do not have to be active on all social networks, but on networks that are highly visual such as Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook. Encourage your clients to take before and after photos so other users can see how your treatments transform people. For example, if you offer fat reducing on a fat freezing machine then before and after pictures are very important to show the transformation. Social media is a great channel to showcase your work and also to advertise promos and packages.

The above-mentioned are few online marketing tips to attract more customers to your beauty business.

Hobbies into profession

Hobbies which you can turn into your profession

Do you have a hobby that you are really passionate about? Have you ever felt happy and at peace with a part-time activity that you wish could become a full time one and additionally earn a livelihood from it? If your answer to any of these is an equivocal YES, you are probably halfway through to turning your hobby into a profession. The advantage here is that you are already so involved in your hobby as an amateur that making the transition will not be difficult at all.

However, before taking the plunge, there are a few things that you have to list out. If your hobby involves having sophisticated equipment or a lot of inventory of raw materials, you will have to make financial provision for it. After all, there will be a quantum jump in scale of output when you ultimately make the transition from a hobby to a profession.

Here are a few hobbies that are comparatively easy to turn into a career.

Personal Trainer

Remember the times that you worked really hard to shed all that extra flab from your body through vigorous workouts? The joy and excitement you got from seeing a new fit and trim you in the mirror? Now with a little work and effort you can transform that feeling into a full time career.

There is a great demand for personal trainers with the median salary being in the range of $55,000 to $60,000. However, to be one you have to do some groundwork. Take an accredited course for personal trainers from a certified agency. These programmes are usually spread out over several months and impart in-depth knowledge of every aspect of fitness training. Once you have got the necessary statutory authorisations you can get work at a medical fitness facility, a health and fitness club or even start your own business.

You can even contact a labour employment agency to look for vacancies for a personal trainer. If you are a resident of Melbourne, Australia your best bet would be get in touch with First Personnel, one of the leading agencies based in the city.


In this case, you will have to invest in high end equipment as the quality of your work has to be much higher than what you churned out at the hobby level. You might even have to invest in setting up a studio though turning a room in your house into one will do in the initial stages.

You will have to choose an area of specialisation and your earnings will depend on that. Taking family and children’s photographs at a retail store or a shopping mall while attached to a studio should fetch you about $10 an hour. A good wedding photographer earns in the region of $100,000 per year but you have to have a good network of referrals to succeed. Corporate photography is also a very lucrative option.

Arts and Crafts

If you find that the handbags and T-shirts you make at home have a great demand with friends and their friends, there is always a chance that you can make a good profession out of it. You can sell on one or more of ecommerce platforms or have tie-ups with specialised crafts stores. Hire a quality photographer to showcase your products and develop sharp marketing and customer service skills.

These are just a few tips for you. Most hobbies can be turned into a well paying career option.

Increase profits with business

Increase profits by Online marketing of your business

In the modern digital business environment most purchase decisions are made by existing and potential customers of businesses after browsing online for related products and services. Hence, if your business websites does not have a strong online presence and visibility you will miss out on business opportunities and profit posting.

The advantage that online marketing has over traditional methods like hoardings, pamphlets and advertising in the print media is that every cent you spend on online marketing can be accounted for. Online marketing is measurable and offers tangible results. You get to know what you are spending and what you are getting back in return. If it is not to your satisfaction, you can tweak marketing campaigns accordingly. It is possible to track results and structure campaigns that target specific audiences only and know how they have responded to your efforts. This is crucial when one of your primary business concerns is profit making.

An example of how it is possible to track online marketing spends for estimating the leads and results it brings in will illustrate this point better. Take the case of PPC or pay per click campaign through Google AdWords. You have to decide on the keywords that customers use to look for your products and services and then choose how much you are willing to spend to draw in those customers. Whenever, searches are made on Google using those keywords, your ads will be displayed. For instance, if you have a certified and accredited service station and garage from where vehicle owners can get a roadworthy certificate your ad on Google should include these two words. Only then will searchers be directed to your site. You can spend high amounts to have your ads shown extensively or as per the marketing budget you have.

Now when a Google user clicks on your ad, you pay a fee to Google. After that you can follow their activities on your website and see whether they have responded and bought any of your products or services. Once they do so you can track them in the long run, get in touch with them when you launch new products and services and include them in your database of customers. In short you can monitor every dollar customers have spent and trace it back to the ad that started it all. Hence at the micro level you can accurately calculate the quantum of your returns against spend and cost on that ad. This helps you to increase returns and profits through online digital marketing campaigns.

When you calculate profits from an online digital marketing campaign, you have to look at the quantum of returns on the promotion over expenses. There are four key parameters for arriving at the ROI on market spends.

Cost per visitor – This is the average fees paid to Google or any other pay-per-click service for every click on an advertisement that takes the visitor to your website. To further analyse this parameter, the cost can be estimated on the basis of which keywords are clicked, specific advertisements or for a total marketing campaign.

Cost per sale – It is what the name suggests and is the amount that is spent for marketing against each sale and conversion that goes through and is finalised.

Cost per lead – This is a bit removed from the other two and is an indicator of the visitors’ activities on the site. It need not necessarily end in a sale you can collect information about them that can be used in future campaigns too and become sales leads. You can collect all contact information about the person who clicks on an ad including phone number and email address. These are vital for building up a database of existing or potential customers who can be approached with newsletters and offer of discounts to increase sales and profitability.

ROI on total campaign – This is where your profitability will come into focus. You can total up the amount you have spent on the full campaign and the money it generated for you in terms of sales and usefulness of visitors’ information. This is only possible in online marketing campaigns where exact and accurate figures can be had.

However, this is not the only approach to online marketing. The campaigns designed to increase sales and profitability will depend exclusively on the specific needs of your business. You have to have the campaign designed and structured accordingly so that more and more visitors arrive at your site.

Business Productivity

5 Powerful Ways to Increase Business Productivity

When you cannot extend the number of hours in a day, the next best thing is to make the most of the number of hours you have at your workplace. There are two options before you if you are flooded with work every day. Either you can extend the number of hours at office or you can work smarter, increase output and productivity and finish the tasks at hand.

Here are 5 ways to increase business productivity that you can definitely try out–

  • Time Management – This is very crucial as wasting too much time on things that do not form a part of your core activities will hamper your output. Track time that you spend on answering emails, social media and other daily tasks. Estimate how much time you spend on each and try and reduce those that do not add value to your productivity. For example if you feel that you are struggling with the legal aspects of your business due to lack of skill sets, hire commercial lawyer in Melbourne if your business is in the State of Victoria to take care of the problems while you focus on other critical areas of your business.
  • Set deadlines – You might think that setting self-imposed deadlines for completing specific tasks will only add to stress levels. But in reality, a certain amount of stress can get the adrenalin flowing and help you to focus better and meet your goals. Try this out even for open-ended projects and you will find that you are more productive and focussed when you have one eye on the clock. Additionally, it will also give you a sense of satisfaction when you win against the clock and will spur you on to complete the next task similarly.
  • Avoid Meetings – It is not that everybody called for a meeting has something to contribute. It is rather a waste of time if you can have the same agenda discussed over emails, phone or even web based ones. Just moving to the conference room and coming back and settling down eats into time that can be more fruitfully used otherwise.
  • Stop multitasking – The common concept that multi tasking is actually a sign of high skill sets and job knowledge is not true. In fact multi tasking does not allow you to focus on one task at hand, thereby reducing productivity levels. Consider this scenario – you are simultaneously trying to get through to a Melbourne property conveyancing lawyer to finalise a property deal while trying to finalise a contract with one of your vendors. You are not saving time while doing so, you are simply not giving your best to any of the tasks. Take up one activity at a time and try and close it optimally.
  • Minimise interruptions – This might not be possible always. How can you stop a colleague from dropping by and enquiring about your health? While it may look innocuous, even a brief interruption can hamper your concentration and affect work quality. For truly critical work, have the door firmly shut or better still work from home.

Try out these 5 powerful options and you will surely see a rise in your business productivity.

PPC Campaign

Tips to Optimise Your PPC Campaign

Running a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is one of the best ways to market businesses and their products online. However, simply starting your advertising campaign and getting it online is not enough. You need to optimise it to improve your success rate and generate the kind of return on investment (ROI) you want from the campaign. However, it is a difficult endeavour, but we are here to help you.

Here are some tips to get you started with.

  • Define the purpose

The first and the most important thing that you need to do is define the purpose for which you are setting up the PPC campaign. Do you want more sales, leads, conversions, generate more traffic or simply deliver a branding message to your prospects. The purpose of the campaign will determine the tactics you need to use for PPC optimisation.

  • Refine your keywords

From time to time you need to update your list of keywords in order to keep them relevant and useful. One of the best ways to do this by checking the number of impressions for every keyword. If any keyword has more than 200 impressions and its click-thru-rate (CTR) is less than 1%, then you should not use this keyword. Refining the keywords is essential as it will give you the relevant keywords that will generate more leads.

  • Ad-specific landing pages

The most common mistake most marketers make is creating generic landing pages for all the ads in a campaign. Though this does reduce the efforts and hassle, but it means the user is directed to a landing page which is not specific to the content of the ad they just clicked. This is the main reasons why users leave the page and move on to your competitor.

The above-mentioned are few of the tips for PPC campaign optimisation that you can start using right away.